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Chest & Shoulders
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PS636 - Chest Press Seated
PS636Chest Press Seated
  • Preload lever allows for a more complete range of motion
  • 200 lb. weight stack (91 kg.)
  • 465 lb. overall weight (212 kg.)
Dim:52"(L) x 50"(W) x 64"(H)
 133cm x 127cm x 163cm

PS628 - Pectoral Fly
PS628Pectoral Fly
  • Adjustable movement arms in 10° increments
  • Front facing weight stack for ease of weight selection
  • 200 lb. weight stack (91 kg.)
  • 510 lb. overall weight (232 kg.)
Dim:57"(L) x 47"(W) x 64"(H)
 145cm x 120cm x 163cm

PS640 - Pec/Rear Delt
PS640Pec/Rear Delt
  • Works two important upper body muscle groups
  • Dual function machine with multiple starting and resistance arm positions
  • Adjustable arms, chest pad and seat pad for maximum user comfort
  • Model shown utilizes handles, but also available with thick roller pads
  • 200 lb. weight stack (91 kg.)
  • 550 lb. overall weight (250 kg.)
Dim:50"(L) x 37"(W) x 85"(H)
 127cm x 94cm x 216cm

PS637 - Shoulder Press
PS637Shoulder Press
  • Counter-balanced to starting weight of only 10 lbs.
  • Adjustable seat
  • 200 lb. weight stack (91 kg.)
  • 455 lb. overall weight (207 kg.)
Dim:60"(L) x 52"(W) x 64"(H)
 153cm x 133cm x 163cm

PS688 - Lateral Raise
PS688Lateral Raise
  • Adjustable seat and handles insure proper positioning and form
  • 150 lb. weight stack (68 kg.)
  • 335 lb. overall weight (151 kg.)
Dim:53"(L) x 27"(W) x 79"(H)
 135cm x 69cm x 201cm

PS689 - Pullover
  • Great exercise to work the lats, pecs & triceps
  • Adjustable starting positions
  • Adjustable seat
  • Counter-balanced for proper execution
  • Pre-load to accommodate user in full range of motion
  • 200 lb. weight stack (91 kg.)
  • 425 lb. overall weight (193 kg.)
Dim:51"(L) x 44"(W) x 64"(H)
 130cm x 112cm x 163cm

PS669 - Incline Press
PS669Incline Press
  • Counter-balanced to starting weight of only 10 lbs.
  • Adjustable seat; multiple handle positions
  • 200 lb. weight stack (91 kg.)
  • 475 lb. overall weight (216 kg.)
Dim:68"(L) x 53"(W) x 64"(H)
 173cm x 135cm x 163cm

PS600 - Neck Press
PS600Neck Press
  • 4-way body positioning for complete exercise
  • Fully adjustable to accommodate users
  • Weight stack adjustable in 5 lb. increments
  • 100 lb. weight stack (45 kg.)
  • 285 lb. overall weight (130 kg.)
Dim:39"(L) x 38"(W) x 54"(H)
 100cm x 97cm x 138cm

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